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Creativity has always been a passion for Susan Sheppard, however like many, she was talked into getting a real job. In 1999, after 23 years, she left Science teaching and had the opportunity to focus on creativity.

Throughout school and university, she studied art courses alongside prioritised academic subjects. The connection was tenuous, however ever present. In 2007 it became her career focus.

In order to build her skills, she sought out specific tutors. (Peta Miller, Robyn Lowry, Marcus Beilby, Brian Simmonds, Andrew Tischler, Leon Holmes and Brendon Darby.) These are quite the roll call of talented professional artists. She is grateful for their generosity. When Susan teaches, she works to pay it forward. She finds great joy in other people’s Eureka moments.

The skill set really, is to create the illusion of three dimensions on a two dimensioned surface. Throw mood and feelings in the mix to impart to the viewer the sense of place. She works to share her feelings of being there. Sometimes the scenery takes your breath away, other times it’s a pervasive sense of peace. Her goal is to share that with you, the viewer.

Susan Sheppard is a realist painter, most often of large-scale landscapes. Occasionally, she likes to do small works of close ups on nature.

The source of her inspiration is the vastly diverse landscapes of Western Australia. She is passionate in telling the visual story of undisturbed habitat. Influenced by childhood freedom exploring in nature, she now seeks out pristine habitat from near and far.

This has opened up the opportunity to travel, often remotely, with her husband to get to know this land. Just being in nature is her bush medicine. Spoilt for choice of what to paint, from epic geology, hilarious wildlife and the intricate architecture of fauna, Susan is planning on never retiring. Obsessive? Maybe. Certainly, she is enjoying the journey.

Susan has had gallery representation in Boranup, Picasso, Monet, The Studio Gallery and Bistro, Applecross, Petrichor and Millbrook. Highlights in teaching have been at Claremont School of Art, for The Extraordinary Mind Project, Christmas Island and as a guest of the Victorian Pastel Society.

She is very happy to have won awards along the way.

She is very grateful to clients giving permanent homes to her work and to businesses for long term leasing of large works.

Probably she is most grateful for the trust clients have shown in commissioning her to undertake substantial large-scale works.



Susan Sheppard

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Below is a list of Susan's classes which are currently running. Please check back as this list will be updated each term.


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