Melville Arts @ Atwell House Hosted Events

Melville Arts @ Atwell House hosts a variety of events both at the precinct and off site.

The events are art and community focused to be inclusive, diverse and engaging.

Melville Arts @ Atwell House additionally look to actively support relationships with art groups partnering to engage broader relevance in the community and synergy in the arts.

Past Events

Atwell Youth Awards 2022

10am Sunday June 12 until 3pm Friday June 24

Mon to Sun 10am- 4pm (awards presentation 6.30pm Thursday June 16 at Atwell Gallery-invitation only)

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2022 Atwell Youth Award Prizes and Sponsors

 We would like to acknowledge and thank our sponsors.

Each year it is the generosity of the community that enables us to grow the event, support our youth to express themselves and contribute to a rich and diverse arts and culture sector.

2022 sees The Atwell Youth Awards in its 19th year. This year the number of entries has grown, an indication of the dedication our local schools and teachers have to their arts program.

2022 Art Awards and award sponsors. 

1. Years 7 to 12 Winners & Highly Commended

2. Creative Energy at its Best Ivana St. John Award in 3D, sponsored by Ivana St John

3. The May Mason-Wearable Arts Award sponsored by Maureen Gibbons and  Christine Haines.

4. Drawing as an Art Form Thelma Cluning Award -  sponsored by Thelma Cluning

5. Stephanie Carne Award - The True Colours - in Memory of Michael Carne’ sponsored by Stephanie Carne

6. Reflective Art Award - Are we Listening?- The Hidden Message - In memory of Richard  Greene sponsored by Lynda and Michael Greene

7 ‘Sustainable Living - Art in Harmony’ Judged by Colleen Rintoul

8. Special Theme - Life in the Ocean Judged by Debra Scidone

9. The Curators Pick Judged by Colleen Rintoul

10. The School Art Department Award sponsor Melville Arts @ Atwell House

11. BEST in SHOW - Gillian K. Peebles Award of Excellence sponsored by Gillian K Peebles

Other Sponsors contributing towards awards:

  • Jacksons Art Supplies
  • Ms Kim Elizabeth Giddens MLA for Bateman BA (Polsc); DipEd
  • Mrs Lisa Margaret O'Malley MLA for Bicton AssocDip Rec Studies
  • Barker & Whittle Painters


Best in Show the Gillian K. Peebles Award of Excellence

Natalie Loach  Year 12  Santa Maria College

Year 7


Felicity Toussaint                 'Bird House'                     Santa Maria College

H/C Jacinta Kearney            'Deer'                               Perth Modern School

H/C Bob Han-Busi               'Hospital Worker              Perth Modern School

Year 8


Ayda Zhu                             'Ayda'                               Carey Baptist College

H/C Jezabel Galloway          'Insect Study'                    Seaton Catholic College

C/C Katrina Yang                  'Assemblage of nature'    Perth Modern School

Year 9


Ava Van Dommelen              'Surrealist Ship'                Perth Modern School

H/C Anya Bhandari               'The colours of Life'         Perth College

H/C Enru Chu                          'Lizard'                          Perth modern School

Year 10


Ava Komnick                           'Finding Timothee'       Corpus Christi College

H/C Adam Hooper                  'Jordan B Peterson'       Perth Modern School

H/C Meaghan Ashworth         'Atlantis'                        Perth Modern School

Year 11


Olivia Meaney                        'Growth'                          Perth Modern School

H/C Jessica Pozzato               'Saxophone'                    Seton Catholic College

H/C Zach Catalan                   'Thunderstruck'               Carey Baptist College

Year 12


Miles Tawns                             'No Holds Barre'            Perth Modern School

H/C Finlay Ritchie                    'Fragility'                        Seaton Catholic College

H/C Lilli Sorci                           'Nonna (triptych)           Santa Maria College

Curator Pick                           

Tiff Sapri                                 ' Seascape study'            Corpus Christi College

The Stephanie Carne Award-The True Colours


Samiah Shepherd                   'The Joker'                      Seton Catholic College

H/C Bella Bryant              'Winifred by the Ocean'          Santa Maria College

Sustainable Living-Art in Harmony


Tara Vulin                         'Assemblage of Nature'           Perth Modern School

H/C Susanna Che           'The Price for a Cup of Tea'        Perth Modern School

Drawing as an Artform


Jessica Mithen                        'Small Steps'                            Santa Maria College

H/C Chloe McDermott            'Identity 1'                        Iona Presentation College

May Mason Wearable Arts & Textile Award


Iris Reed                         'Persephone's Undoing'               Perth Modern School

H/C Cate Watling                 'Butterfly'                                      Perth College


Reflective Art Award 'Are We Listening?'


Claudia Werch                   'Should we be Smiling?'            Corpus Christi College


Ivana St John's Award- Creative Energy at it's Best in 3D


Loic Dutry                           'Other Worlds'                         Perth Modern School

H/C Group Project              'Sea Anemone'                     Iona Presentation College


Special Theme-Life in the Ocean


Sophie Straker                 'Copper Pot Revisit'              Melville Senior High School

H/C Elle Bain                         'Shark Stack'                           Perth College

School Art Department Award


Thornlie Senior High School


Collaborative Art Award

2 Winners
Group Project          'The School of Mathematics'      Thornlie Senior High School

Visual Art Extension Group    'Our Changing Seas, after Courtney Mattison'  Willetton Senior High School

The Atwell Healing and Wellness Festival

@ Atwell House Swan River Foreshore

13 - 14 November 10am to 4pm

“SWAN RIVER TAROT EXHIBITION” … by artist David Mitchell.

Displaying 22 illustrations of the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

“The Fools Journey – Wellness Festival”, a well-being collective of healing modalities, psychic’s, healers, practitioners, local products, and small businesses. All coming together as a collective for YOU.

This is a social enterprise for community awareness, aiming to educate and enabling people to understand and experience the many forms of healing first-hand.

Plus the opportunity to be involved in kids and family interactive arts activity table.

A fantastic opportunity for you to understand learn and experience different healing modalities, be educated by experts, receive a psychic reading, or purchase local products …

Bringing together the best healers, products and psychics for YOU. Well-being for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

This a 2-day Healing and Wellness Festival in conjunction with the Fools Journey Tarot exhibition.

A new opportunity, and location for products, healers and psychic’s…

Great venue with ease of free parking access and public transport.

FREE to the public with online ticket registration.

Focused on giving the public the opportunity to experience your form of healing / modality and gift.


Melville Arts @ Wireless Hill

30 October 2021

Melville Arts @ Wireless Hill with the Alfred Cove Art Society and South of the River Potters presents:

  • Plein Air Paint out 8.00am to 12.00pm, Yagán Mia / Wireless Hill Park Suitable for all ages free event
  • Family Painting event 10.00am to 2.00pm, Yagán Mia / Wireless Hill Park Suitable for all ages, tickets $10, materials provided, booking required or pay on the day
  • Artist markets 10.00am to 2.00pm, Yagán Mia / Wireless Hill Park With artists from Melville Arts @ Atwell House, the Alfred Cove Art Society & the South of the River Potters
  • Join Brenda Ellen for a professional development session in building confidence for creatives and artists. Creativity + Confidence = Connection 11 November @11am to 1pm. Build your confidence representing yourself as an artist.
plein air paint out
family paint out
Pd Development Wireless Hill 2021

Atwell Youth Awards 2021

10am Sunday June 13 until 3pm Wednesday June 23

Mon-Thurs 10am-4.30pm Fri to Sun 10am- 4pm (awards presentation 6.30pm Thursday June 17 at Atwell Gallery-invitation only)

The Atwell Youth Awards is for young artists of high-school age, ie year 7 to year 12 and is an opportunity for them to exhibit work in the Atwell Gallery in Alfred Cove. We accept entries from individuals or from schools. We've been running an amazing annual open art exhibition for young artists of high-school age (12 - 18) since 2003 ....  it's one of the highlights of our Atwell year.

This year marked the opening of the 18th Atwell Youth Awards and they were without exception an inspiration beyond your imagination. Post COVID last year, when the event was cancelled, twelve high schools in and around Perth showcased their artistic talent in a diverse and engaging exhibition. The Youth Awards have become quite the event for the schools with winners in categories including Year Awards and Special categories, like Sustainability, the Night Sky theme and Wearable Art to name a few.

This years Best in Show Winner was Moya Lyne, with a pencil drawing called the Blue Light, from Santa Maria College. See below for winner's pictures.

Click for Complete Award List Summary 2021

The AYA now has it's own facebook page -

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