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This workshop is all about capturing light and depicting it effectively. I teach representational work and encourage you to embrace your own style.
The workshop is about principles so you can work in a variety of medium. Oil, acrylic, soft pastel or oil pastel.
I am happy for you to work at whatever size you feel comfortable.
Our work time will be 9.30 - 4.00 with set up and pack up half an hour before and after and a half an hour lunch break in the middle.

Suitable for:  All levels

Materials: Bring your own. You will need 2 canvases/ boards/ papers for the day. Bring your own medium: either oil, acrylic, soft pastel or oil pastel.

I have a selection of suitable images, however I encourage you to bring your own. What will work well is a white subject that has both light and shade in the one image, and a second image of a coloured subject also in the light and shade.


Susan Sheppard is a realist painter, most often of large-scale landscapes. Occasionally, she likes to do small works of close ups on nature.

The source of her inspiration is the vastly diverse landscapes of Western Australia. She is passionate in telling the visual story of undisturbed habitat. Influenced by childhood freedom exploring in nature, she now seeks out pristine habitat from near and far.


Susan Sheppard

Course details

Wednesday 13 July, 2022

9.30am -4pm   (6 hours tuition)


  • Members $130
  • Non-Members $145

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