From an early age Migara had a strong ambition to draw.  He continued to draw throughout his early childhood then went on study fine art.

He completed a BA of Fine Art at Curtin University Western Australia. Migara uses pencils, coloured pencils and charcoal to create his realistic drawings.

Migara photo2

Migara Ramanayake

Class Description

Hone your drawing skills with Migara.

In this class, the teaching and learning method that is used has been found to work best for drawing the personality of dogs. This teaches the student to look deeper into the external of the dog and bring out characteristics that show its personality.

This course helps to develop your own creative style in drawing animals, specifically dogs with a taste of fundamental drawing skills.


Suitable for:  Ages 8+


Materials:  All Materials provided

Course details

9.30am-12noon (2.5hrs tuition)

  • Monday 4 July


  • All Registrants $50

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