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Jane says , "Birds are my favourite topic to paint.  I have studied and observed birds for years and won many awards with my lovely birds in the exhibitions. There are heaps of skills and experience to share. In this 2- day workshop we will learn how to paint a lucky bird Rooster with Chinese brushes on Chinese Xuan paper. I am sure you will enjoy it".

The workshop will cover the bird drawing theory, study bird anatomy, feather groups, beak and feet drawings. When the theory is understood the drawing will be a lot easier. We will learn how to apply a Chinese brush to make different strokes and mix different colours in one brush. We will learn tone, value and how to shade the bird.

First class we will learn theory and demo a drawing & painting of a rooster head.

Second class demos how to apply Chinese brush and paint a rooster.

Materials: Most materials supplied. Participants please bring a water container, palette (two plates) and brushes (Jane has some brushes which can be borrowed during the workshop).


Jane is an award winning artist originally from Beijing China. When she moved to Australia she fell in love with the beautiful native flora and fauna and began drawing them.

Painting birds and flowers is her specialist and favourite subject. She has made a bird journal through her studies and has run successful bird painting and wildflower drawing workshops. She also paints landscapes and seascapes in both watercolour and pastel.

Jane Li

Jane Li

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Friday & Saturday 10am to 3.30pm (11hrs)
21-22 January, 2022


  • Member $205
  • Non-Member: $215

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