Class Description

Art Starters is for absolute beginners or those who haven't picked up a brush since school.

Students have a choice of either a 4 week or an 8 week course which covers a structured introduction to a range of media including drawing, pastels, watercolour and acrylics.

1) Introduction  to Drawing Skills and mediums Commence introducing elements of design, composition and aesthetics

2) Introduction to Pastel Techniques, Pastel materials. Continue introducing elements of Design, Composition and Aesthetics

3) Introduction to Water Colour Techniques, Watercolour techniques, Watercolour materials, Framing. Continue elements of Design, Composition and Aesthetics

4) Introduction to Acrylics, Palette knife, Mediums usage, Mixed Mediums, Additives, Collage elements, Introduction to Groundworks, Paper, Board, Canvas.

One week is dedicated to each medium in the four week course and for those who want to dive a little deeper the eight week course spends two weeks on each medium.

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Monday mornings: 9.00am - 12 noon or

Monday evenings:  6.30 - 9.30pm

Starting:  21 March to 11 April

2 May -  23 May

30 May to 27 June (please note-there is no class on the WA public holiday 6 June)


Extended Course

Wednesday: 12:30pm - 3.00pm:  Starting:  4 May to 22 June


Materials: Materials supplied


Raelene Cameron Headshot(1)

Raelene Cameron

'My aim is to communicate to each of the students that I believe they are unique with their own visual language arising from their own observation, experiences, emotions and thoughts. They are encouraged to develop in confidence. The students discover, much to all our joy, after being introduced to the resources, technical skills relating to the mediums of drawing, pastel, watercolour and acrylic and also aesthetics (basic composition and design eg colour), that they indeed are and can be different in their ways of visually expressing themselves as part of the creative process'.

Course details

Four week course $190.00

Eight week course $355.00

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