Class Description

Amanda introduces students to mixed media, showing how to combine all water-based paint with acrylic paint also collage and how to mix papers and paint together, oil pastels, coloured pencils and impasto products.

Beginners learn techniques, style and methods of painting from realism to semi abstraction.  Some styles of painting are palette knife painting, impasto painting, using acrylic paint as watercolour paint, glazing.

More experienced students can bring their own paintings and ideas and Amanda will help them to achieve their goals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants learn the skills, techniques and principles required of painting.
  • New ways of applying paint and new methods of painting.
  • How to combine mixed media with acrylic paint.

Suitable for:  All levels


  • Acrylic paint:  red, yellow, blue, white and umber.
  • Canvas board  medium size
  • Brushes:  medium size, hog hair combination of round and square
  • Palette: Any flat round board or something similar
  • Palette knife for mixing paint


Amanda's work is a story of celebration of nature, the domestic environment and the ordinary and the everyday.  Some paintings tell their stories through the many different patterning, textures and symbols and shapes that are either held or impressed upon the surfaces of the canvas or clay.

Amanda Harris 325

Amanda Harris

Course details

Thursdays  9.30am - 12.00pm
10 February -31 March


  • Member $250
  • Member – Early bird – $225 (avail 4-18 Dec, 2021)
  • Non-Member: $275

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