What we do

Melville Arts @ Atwell House is a vibrant community arts centre located in Alfred Cove.  Situated on the bank of the Swan River, with convenient access from Canning Highway, Melville Arts centre welcomes local residents and those from further afield.

At the centre, we provide a range of classes and workshops for adults, young adults and children. The centre had its foundation in visual arts and is now expanding into other areas of the arts.

We are also the home of the South of the River Potters' Club and the unique Karlup Ceramic Centre which is now under construction.

Other groups that meet regularly here are the Atwell Spinners, the Alfred Cove Art Society and a Sunday Life Drawing group.

Our history

Atwell House was built in 1935 by Walter Atwell with the proceeds from a win on the races.  He established a diary farm on the site.  The cows used browse in the land leading down to the river. It operated successfully for many years but, by the seventies the house had become derelict.  The house was listed on the State Heritage list (now on the Melville Council Heritage list).

A group of Applecross artists were looking for permanent home and took over the house in 1978 with the agreement of Melville Council providing they could run the art studios without cost to the council.

The group expanded and raised the funds to build the gallery in 1982. The office and what is now the shop were added later. The Arts Centre became more community based over the years, with the introduction of classes and workshops eventually becoming the organisation we know today.

Our role in the community

We provide a wonderful venue that welcomes all those interested in art.  We believe that access to the arts at the community level supports mental health, reduces social isolation and keeps our society healthy, creative and connected.

Melville Community Arts Association

Atwell Arts @ Melville House is managed by the Melville Community Arts Association (MCAA) with the City of Melville providing the buildings.  MCAA is a incorporated association run by volunteers.


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